What is Patriotism?

What dose it mean to be Patriotic??

This WORD is always thrown around in the news and media but what really are they trying to say???

Check out this Video on an Interesting perspective on the word and it’s power.

Weird Coincidence???

Weird Shit:

Type ILLUMINATI backwards ITANIMULLI in your web browser and see where it takes you???

Interesting In-Your-Face evidence or did some idiot Nort just buy this domain and forward it to this site?

Check it out. What do you think?


If you’ve ever been to a trade show then you know what they’re all about, Selling shit to people! Well prepare to have your mind blown because SOFEX is one fucked up trade show. VICE NEWS recently documented the ridiculousness that is SOFEX which exposes the business of war and how the industry is currently alive and booming. Check out the VIDEO LINK below. You have to see it to believe it.




At this point we hope you all have sifted through all the BS regarding the KONY 2012 campaign. If not, well enlighten yourselves and read our KONY 2012 HYPE post below that includes comments from people of social networks in order to shed some light on the issue.

Regardless this dude goes on an awesome rant that is not only humourous but informative too.


The Game of Power!


WE WON!!!……..Or did We…………..

Fuck NetFlix Keep the Internet Free

Just when we thought we had won the battle and defeated SOPA & PIPA, they introduce CISPA, the new legislation very similar to try to undermine the people. Oh! and NetFlix, the online video streaming giant are backing lawmakers on this one.

Read This Article for some insight on the battle with anti-piracy legislation.  http://rt.com/usa/news/netflix-sopa-pac-lobby-618/


Kony 2012


Things to come?? KONY with US intervention…
(we know this isn’t really him)

It was early last month when the whole KONY 2012 Campaign blew up all over social networking sites around the globe. Now that the honeymoon phase has passed and interesting twists have unveiled so has a lot of the hype behind the whole movement.

We always feel that there is usually more to every story than meets the Eye. So in an era when most “activists” only have limited time in their busy lives to look into, fact check and follow-up on the various causes they support, we wanted to shed some light on the topic by highlighting some of the more intriguing comments left by people on various social networking sites.

We are never into pushing anything onto anyone but we do try to inform people so they can be knowledgeable on the topics they advocate. The following are not our own written words but we did find them thought-provoking enough to take a second and examine the movement that swept Internet feeds around the globe. Read between the lines.


People’s Comments = Real Talk:

Anonymous Post – ‎The US stands to make a lot of money from this… they can’t send troops because they’re already involved in a bunch of other wars (Iraq, Iran and whatnot…). They also have no reason to start any wars with Africa because it is not a threat to America, but one country has been aiding Africa since 2009 when they dropped all debt that africa owed to them and started trying to help the country in exchange for natural resources, this country is China. Well guess who else wants some of those resources, or to at least profit from them… You guessed it, ‘America World police’. Not to mention the fact that the US also is one of the biggest producers of war weapons which i’m sure will find its way to the african military in exchange for $. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t go after Kony, but i just think people should know that the world governments always have hidden agenda’s.

Anonymous Post – This Kony 2012 movement is great because it will probably lead to an end of Kony’s reign. But….. _________ is right. All this movement shows is the power of social media/Youtube. The overwhelming public support will force the US government to take action. They have ignored it for years because they have nothing to gain by stopping it. They don’t want to risk losing american lives to save thousands of Africans basically.

Anonymous Post – Of the $8.9 million in donations they received in 2011, this is the breakdown of what it was allocated towards:

$1.7 million in US employee salaries
$357,000 in Film costs
$850,000 in Production costs
$751,000 in Computer equipment
$244,000 in “professional services” (DC lobbyists)
$1.07 million in travel expenses
$400,000 in yearly office rent in downtown San Diego
$16,000 in Entertainment

As if that isn’t bad enough, they’ve refused to cooperate with the Better Business Bureau. Their transparency rating is fairly low on Charity Navigator, and there are allegations of fraud. They also lobby for direct military intervention… last i know our liberal democracy hate troops being mobilized into foreign nations, example Afghanistan, Iraq ect…

Anonymous Post – My angle is if you really give a shit, head down there with a god damn machine gun. I want to know how many people on here actually e-mailed, messaged, or called your peace keepers, Nato, the Canadian government with their concerns. How many of them researched and donated to a proper reputable charity involved in Uganda. How many went outside of reading the first three paragraphs and looking at the pictures then copying and pasting the link???

Anonymous Post – It should also be noted that the Ugandan GOVERNMENT (i.e. not the LRA) doesn’t hold a stellar human rights record. This is a government that outlaws homosexuality… and is seeking to make it a capital offence (as if 14 years isn’t bad enough already). Government also impinges on the freedom of press. Ugandan security forces have been accused a number of times of torture and illegal detention. This is not a civilised Western government that we are supporting… its human rights record is one of the worst on the planet.

I’m not saying that Kony isn’t bad and that he shouldn’t be bought to justice, I’m just saying that the Ugandan government and security forces are hardly saintly themselves, and its something to be wary of.

Anonymous Post – As much as I know this is a HUGE money scam, (im not donating), perhaps the start of hunting down one MAJOR war criminal will lead to others being arrested, or citizens being aware that there are bigger problems in this world rather than what car they drive, what job they have lost or what race, color or religion another person is. Perhaps this will lead to global movement on how other parts of the world act and treat their citizens, and the conduct they go by.

Anonymous Post – Reasons I’m being negative, and I’m sure I’ll get bashed for this. They came to speak at our school, and made a big deal about sending money to the Ugandan military. This is bad. First, Kony isn’t even in Uganda. It’d be like funding the Mexican police to track down a man in Argentina. Second: the Ugandan military is using this as an excuse to enter other countries and exploit the Congo’s resources, while murdering and raping innocents. The Ugandan government is full of far worse criminals than Kony, and their president is responsible for millions of deaths. Third: Their financial status is questionable. They’ve refused BBB to look into any affairs, and they’re transparency rating is worryingly low on Charity Navigator, plus there’s allegations of fraud, HuffPo has an article on it. Four: There are allegations Kony is already dead. His group is no longer at large or all that active, there’s better places for the money to go, like Doctors without Borders. Five: Most worryingly to me, they don’t hide the fact that Invisible Children lobbies for DIRECT military intervention in Africa. Didn’t we learn anything from our terrorist hunts in the middle east?

All I’m asking is for y’all to be aware there is serious issues with this, and at least think before jumping on the emotional bandwagon. A little research goes a long way.

Last Comment We Re-Post (sorry! there were tons more but we just chose a few) Anonymous Post – Its been 4 days since my news feed has blown up into a war of its own regarding the take down and arrest of Joseph Kony. Since then I have seen trends of its own spark into new light. I have seen people post the video on day one blindly stating their ‘opinion’ that was strategically injected into their minds via clever, almost inception like strategies. Using a 5-year-old child to portray classic film writing techniques like, ‘villain vs hero’. HOWEVER, supporters have really got the opposition of the movement wrong from the very beginning. It’s hard to get people who know nothing about anything outside of their ipads to believe that something as flashy as the Kony2012 video is directly aimed at issues they do not understand. If this was all about awareness, then fine, great. BUT ITS NOT!

I generalize and say the problem has ended because the LRA only has about 200 members still alive, according to estimates in Congo. There’s been one death this year and the only thing they are doing is trying to survive by stealing food like the raccoons that they are. Those facts come from Mounoubai Madnodje, a spokesman for the UN peacekeepers in Congo. Now only if Madnodje had a huge budget and a film crew to get those facts to the western world. I read an article that stated, “The total number of victims of LRA attacks since 2006 in all African countries is less than the number of car-accident victims in a single year in Uganda”.

Yet why does no one see this? The video shows that their goal is about 2 things, awareness, and military action. So when someone supports it because they support awareness, they are also blindly supporting the nasty side of what could happen. Why are supporters still being ignorant of these facts, almost by choice and complete close mindedness? Every supporter still claims that a video supporting direct military intervention which would leave to more people dead than without the movement is still, “just about awareness”.

Remember what happened in Vietnam? The US sent in 2000 ‘Advisers’ and then look what happened. Even if the LRA was still an issue worth this large of campaign, no one REALLY understands the direct repercussions of military intervention. When the US dispatches combat advisers to intervene in a civil war…That isn’t peacekeeping, it’s an AMERICAN WAR! And guess what, the only way of a successful US intervention, IS BY WINNING THAT WAR! Seriously, anyone supporting Kony 2012 should get a tattoo to mark their decision to support a bloodbath, so in five years they will have to face that awful truth. The awful truth being that they supported deaths of those same child soldiers supporters care so much about, and the American citizens that they put into battle. Advising Ugandan military just means they are one upping their firepower. A standard ak-47, or m4 Carbine lasts up to 20-30 years…putting more guns into an African country, is that something supporters thought of?


So that was just SOME of the opinions and comments from various people of social media networks questioning the KONY 2012 campaign. Not questioning the man KONY or disputing his horrible actions or justifying them, but questioning the implications behind the whole KONY movement and the people/organizations behind it. We urge you to formulate your own thoughts and opinions and do your own reasearch because there is nothing worse than simply and blindly following something just cause everyone’s doing it and you are too lazy or misinformed to come up with your own ideas.

These comments are just examples of people who question and investigate matters themselves so that they can make educated decisions on the subject at hand. Our hope is that we can and will, band together as one human race to stop injustices like KONY but we must not allow ourselves to blindly jump on the proverbial “bandwagon” of organizations like Invisible Children otherwise this “go after the bad guy” routine will be an endless and continuous cycle.

The Positive message that can be taken from this whole KONY2012 event is that there are still a lot of good, genuine, caring people out there, that want to help and make a difference.

The disheartening part is that there are also some organizations out there, that are not only willing, but thrive on using strategic events as a way to exploit and benefit off the goodwill of people.

In the end all you have to do is look at the facts. Follow up on shit people feed you. Knowledge is power…so arm yourself with information.

Here is some interesting articles that will give you some more insight into people’s comments above. http://deadlinelive.info/index.php?s=kony

Propaganda Poster?

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