Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival for 4.20!!

The Telus World Ski and Snowboard festival has already begun but we will be heading up there for the ceremonious 4.20!

What are your plans for this awesome day?

If you haven’t made plans yet, you might as well head up there if you’re in the area cuz it’s gonna be a party!!

We will be giving away some free shit too so stay tuned to our feeds below for more info in the days to come.

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Last Day @ Seymour

Yesterday was the last day of shredding up at Mount Seymour. With heaps of snow and such a fun little park setup, it’s too bad they have to close so early. Good news is that they will be getting a NEW hi speed quad chairlift next season.

We shredded the whole day, right til the end, taking one of the last rides on the old Mystery Chair lift. It was kinda sad to think about all the good times and memories had on the old 2 seater but super excited about the fact that it will only take 4min to get to the top with the new chair.

Seymour definitely has some of the best natural terrain, park set-up, and POW of all the local hills. Thanks Seymour for another great season!!


Here is some shots we got up there this season:

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Find the Suit

There was a little activity where we decided to hide and tie up our standing suit to entice people to explore the terrain around them. We encourage everyone to get out, be active and do stuff you love! Seasons change and Spring is kicking in. Trying not to be controlled or limited by weather, work or finances is hard but possible with perseverance. FIS tries to control contest snowboarding but Travis Rice proves nobody can control the creativity behind the religion. Business Suits have had their hands in decisions they shouldn’t and in turn the people suffer. The Red Bull Supernatural Competition has brought new light to the contest scene, inspiring soul shredders across the nation. We want to do the same and inspire others to take time out to Get out and do what you want while you Do What You Love!

We set up this secret lil Scavenger Hunt on our local shred hill Mt.Seymour. So head on up to Seymour to find the Stealth Society Suit. Our Suit dude is attached to a tree hidden off a run in the mountains on the mystery chair. It will sit there as long as it takes for anyone curious enough to seek out, take a second look and get the code to reap the rewards. Peep the drawn map below and spot the location. Find the code and get yourself any FREE TEE SHIRT from the Stealth Society Shop ( pending availability ). Get up for the last days of the Olde Seymour lift OR hike OR wait to ride the NEW lifts next season and find our Suit. If someone else doesn’t get the code before ya…First one to use/enter the code WINS!

Mount Seymour Stealth Society Tresure Map

Find the Suit near the soon to be defunct Mystery Chair Lift close to the Northlands Terrain Park…

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Superbowl of Snowboarding

Stealth Society Redbull Supernatural

Stealth Society Redbull Supernatural

With hype and advertising matching any other sporting event, the Redbull Supernatural created by Travis Rice was a much anticipated event for an array of shred heads. The stage was set for snowboarding as a sport to move in new directions. A One Mile run, over 80 man made features and countless natural hits on a 45 degree pitch. A respected selection of World Class riders ascended to Nelson BC’s Baldface Lodge. The Superbowl of Snowboarding for the adrenaline junkie was born.

The brain child behind it all just happens to be one the best Snowboarders on the Planet, if not the best Freestyle Snowboarder not on the constant contest circuit. One of the most outspoken about how snowboarding is viewed by the man. The FIS has longstandingly held the sport down by draining public interest. But T Rice stands against them by thinking outside of the box. Breaking barriers, driving the progression of snowboarding to new levels. Exposing riders to the big mountain set up with creativity of the course determining the leaders rather than shaving seconds off a race or adding an extra spin to a trick. True growth started with pioneers like Jake Burton and John Sims riding make-shift boards to concure freestyle riding. Standing sideways and going against the grain, Doing What You Love & Want as the goal.

Travis Rice is fully dedicated to what he’s invisioned in his mind. Visualizing what he wants, then going for it. Because of his vision, Snowboarding grows as a religion not a sport. Like meditiation he gives others inspiration to be fully in the moment and visualize what you want in life. As it is he’s used his influence to inspire a new breed of soul shredders. Boundless of borders this culture of snowboarders should have a fire put under their asses to reject FIS, Olympic Snowboard Control and get out in the backcountry and in nature, safely and Do What You Love and pursue your passions!

We all don’t have the budget of a RedBull sponsored athlete but we all have the ability to think for ourselves and get what we want.

Besides NBC dragging the event out, cutting runs and filling minds with flashy Ads. The companies that came together to make this happen deserve some credit too. Redbull for obvious reasons, look for the signature series to release many more pro inspired custom events. Shazam and Contour for joining up and giving viewers one of the most unique experiences in television history. All the riders. Everyone at Baldface and the maintainence crews and Of course Travis Rice and his Brain Farm filming crew for capturing the most progressive event in snowboarding history.

Some links to cool videos and info below…

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Follow Suit

Stealth Society

With businesses taking so much from the people. There still are small businesses giving back. We feel it is nice to give back to our fans who keep up with all our grassroots givaways!

During the winter months sometimes it’s hard to feel up beat all the time. When SADS kicks in, it’s time to kick back! If you live near a ski hill or resort you should never be grumpy. Just head on up into a magical world amongst snowscaped mountains and natures wonderous atmosphere. There’s a multitude of fun shit to do; hike, shred pow, pizza and french fri on 2 planks or just get out and breathe in the fresh alpine air. Drink winter in and embrace er!

It’s time to spring forward and start new beginnings. But it’s dumping winter in our world still. Discover our Stealth alpine scavenger hunt NOW! Head on up to Mount Seymour…ski, board, snow shoe or just trek up in street shoes… we don’t care. Find our suit he’ll give you the code you need. Any other answers are just too much.

Our suit on the slopes gives the FIRST curious tech savvy individual the choice of any TEE SHIRT from our collection (pending availability). Better luck next time to all the other laggards.

Stealth Society Stealth Society

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Killer Weed…

Is this Dude Crazy?? He Brings up some interesting points. What do you think about it??

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Our Hang Tags filter us from the rest!

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up one of our products yet, then there’s a good chance you haven’t seen our super awesome hang tags yet either. Hang tags!?! You know the cardboard paper tags that have the price and come attached to new apparel and are compleately useless afterwards.

Since we are always looking at ways to innovate and create unique pieces, we put a spin on our hang tags and brought that next level shit.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one you’ll notice that our tags are lined with perforations. They have been conveniently made for your ripping pleasure to be used for all your filtration needs, wink wink. get it? We love the fact that it will serve multiple purposes for people and not be wasted. The Hang tags are made of 1oo% recycled content and zero chemicals are used in the inks so no worries, no harm either. We haven’t seen this ever so we’d like to think that we’re pioneers in doing so. Just another one of the ways we set ourselves apart and stay truly unique amongst the rest.

Check Us out here and grab your gear now!

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Homage to Steve Jobs

A longtime trailblazer for new technologies left this world with so many opportunities. Growth for social connections and artistic expression have evolved exponentially from his creations. Steve Jobs, notably launched Pixar on its upward climb, helped build the Apple brand from the ground, while redefining music with i-tunes & the lifestyle product, the i-pod. Anyone who has owned an i-pad or i-phone has experienced the endless possibilities capable with these devices. What we’re left with from his legacy is endless connectivity in a digital realm. The lasting impression from reaching each other so easily, is the ability to create social network meet-ups. Whether you see them as positive or negative, these devices humanity are left with have given everyone who holds one creative power. Something we all try to hold in our life, the power to create! The choice to do what we want, how we want to and for that We Thank you, Mr. Jobs.

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Is this what #instagram is all about? The instant gratification that somebody likes your photo or someone wants to follow you? There’s a smaller element of comments, that brings the social network together. With people liking your photos it doesn’t always mean they like it! Users could quickly double click to like and move on, in hopes you will follow them back. If somebody follows you they may be just following to up their number or are looking for a follow back. Cause that’s what it’s all about…right, getting the numbers up and creating a false sense that people are watching from your viewfinder.

We all want to show others our point of view, problem is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different strokes for different folks. There is a legitimate way to see if people are intrigued with whats on your feed. When people leave you a comment, they’ve stopped, took a second and thought they’d let u know what they think! Even if the comment is HATE you’ve sparked a thought or emotion inside someone’s brain. That’s the essence of this app. You are able to see what other people see and feel, then receive instant gratification from it. This concept can highlight the talents of a photographer at any caliber. Unfortunately, vanity, envy and the need to be popular have overrun the basis of instagram! Posting cool pics & filtering them for a wider audience than your friends is what we see this app for. There have been too many new users that spam others to follow them. Other problems have plagued this image sharing concept, such as the countless vanity pics of people’s faces, abs, tits or ass. Or the endless shots of the same cat laying around doing nothing. Eventually that’s what the net will be, Porn, Vanity & Pet pictures.

The talents of skilled photographers are being hindered by the demise of print products. Plus the accessibility of quality equipment for the hobby photographers. Even more challenging is the amount of new avenues people now have to showcase & sell pictures. Getty images has helped some get paid for generic pics. It has also emphasized the importance of watermarking your clips because of the amount of stolen images and people plagiarizing work has skyrocketed. Our concern for theft of our images is low but for a pro photographer it’s their livelihood. There is a lack of respect among people in this wireless world we live in. Especially for the creators of artistic outputs. The visual producers like tv & movie have to compete against streaming & file sharing as file sharing has redeveloped the way we now purchase media. Songs, videos and books are slowly becoming intangible products that float in the digital media realm.

So how do we overcome the artistic theft and dilution that’s overcome us? As humans we need to be rectified and acknowledged for our work. But this is toxic, users are addicted to the fact that they can get instant recognition. It’s a drug like feeling and does release dopamine into the brain. This need to be gratified is to a point that some feeds house only shoutouts and screenshots of who liked their feed. How can thousands follow feeds that have nothing or like a photo that has no sustenance? I guess we all have to follow something…

Unsettled with religion we choose to honor the spirit in everyone! For inspiration we look to the ones who’ve trailblazed trends before us. For the ones we follow, we did because you do what you love or we like what u do!
So follow us if you dig what we do, not because somebody told u to, or because u have hopes of a follow back. A number can mean so many things and it shouldn’t be a popularity contest! Show us some integrity, some reality, show u actually #like us and #dowhatyoulove ! ✌

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