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Salmon Arms x Stealth Society


We strive to Do What We Love and encourage others to do the same. As a celebration for Go Skateboarding Day we’re hooking up some FREE stuff. During this Holiday of the Skate faithful we’ve scattered some Sticker Packs across Vancouver skateparks & the surrounding burbs. For some curious souls they’ll pick up these FREE sticker packs and enter to WIN a SA x SS coholab Snapback Hat OR Stealth Society Hat or Tank Top. Anyone who gets out for a lil skate in parts of the Lower Mainland on June 21st 2013 (Weather Permitting) will get a chance to get themselves a lil something from Salmon Arms & Stealth Society.

Salmon Arms x Stealth Society teamed up to create a set of Naval inspired Snapback Hats. Get the chance to WIN one of these Limited Edition Releases…


Bonsor Skatepark

Bonsor Skatepark

Boro Skatepark

Boro Skatepark

Thompson Skatepark

Thompson Skatepark

Downtown Skate Plaza

Downtown Skate Plaza

UBC Skatepark

UBC Skatepark

50 FREE Sticker Packs…

26 Parks & Places…

5 Hats & Tank Tops to GIVEAWAY


(Have 2 Skate)


River Road

Fraser Heights
White Rock

China Creek
Downtown Skate Plaza
Dry Spot
(Fortune Sound Club)
Mount Pleasant

Do What You Love!

OUR #DropKnowledge T-Shirt Giveaway

To commemorate the start of the new school year we recently dropped our Drop Knowledge Posters contest across our social media networks. The contest ran the entire month of September and the result was 3 lucky winners and hopefully a whole bunch of more knowledgeable people. Drop Knowledge , Not Bombs.

Congrats: Max, Luke and Scott!



We are going to be up at the Whistler Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival for 4.20 so we decided it would be cool to do a mini scavenger hunt for weird suits we hide around the village area and mountain and redeem for our apparel.

Simple as Fuck. All you gotta do is find one of our Stealth Suits, rip off the plastic baggy that is attached to the front of it which will have a voucher for a free product. Go to our Online Store to see what you would like to claim (based on availability). That easy.

Oh and if you’re not feelin our Shit, well then hook up someone else who does. We don’t wanna hook up someone who is not genuinely stoked on our apparel!

Hint: There will be 1 Suit hidden in all 3 areas: SNOW/SKATE/STREET: 1 on Blackcomb mtn, 1 at the Skatepark, 1 around the Village.

Check Us out here too: ∆ Facebook PageIGTwitter

January 2012 #DoWhatYouLove Contest Winners

Wildcard Winner dankstaa

We started off the year as we ended it by giving shit away! For those unfamiliar with the meaning, Stealing Without A Gun, it’s like stealing for you when we give away T-shirts, Tank tops, Hats & Sticker Packs. All we ask is that you do what you love! Some of those who did what they love and showed the world are being rewarded by us, Stealth Society.

Check the showcase of people doing what they love, while we show them some Love.

We were surprised at the overwhelming response we received for this giveaway, we didn’t realize that we’d be going through hundreds of photos to determine who would be our wild card champion and who qualified for the contest. We were so stoked to see all the interesting photos of people doing what they love, it fuels our fire to continue doing what we love and come up with even better designs for our upcoming releases. Seeing the variety of things that people love doing was also super refreshing. We want to thank each and every person who took the time to submit a entry as they revitalize our passion in clothing and our brand and that being different and doing things like this is what we’re all about. THANKS

There were so many amazing pictures that we ended up giving out some extra swag to peeps we though were deserving. Here’s how it broke down: zackcarter1 was the IG winner with his photo receiving 279 likes, while Dankstaa was our IG wild card winner with a ton of sick shots and some Stealth inspired graphics. Jstn Chn and TJ Judson each won some Stealth swag on the Facebook side and other notable mentions were amysaysgetbent, skateboardingdragon, manuel_villalobos, sammauer, chilldays and brad_hobbs who all submitted dope shots.

Everyone who didn’t get a mention, we thank you again for your photos, all of you are creative and unique and that’s inspiring for us. Stay tuned to our Social Networks for more Stealth Society happenings.


amysaysgetbent photo
zackcarter1 IG Winner Photo
Chilldays Photo
Jstn Chn Photo
Sammauer Photo
skateboardingdragon Photo
TJ Judson Photo

Instagram / Facebook CONTEST Giveaway

January 2012


All 3 Winners will be given a Choice of a Stealth Society t-shirt, tank top or hat?

“Do What You Love” free Swag Giveaway:
1. Get a photo of you, doing something you love!
2. Upload it to our FB page & Tag @steathsociety #dowhatyoulove
3. You must LIKE us on FB Obvi.

There are 3 Three ways to WIN Swag…

i) Get the most votes on IG in a week
ii) Have the most likes on FB in a week
iii) Or Wow us! Do what you love and capture an epic pic (we’ll choose our favourite)!

Steps to Enter:

Instagram / IG Giveaway:
1. Take a “Do What You Love” photo
2. Upload to IG
3. Tag @stealthsociety #dowhatyoulove
4. Most likes at the end of the week wins!!

Facebook / FB Giveaway:
1. Take a “Do What You Love” photo
2. Post to our Facebook page & yours.
3. Tag @stealthsociety
4. Get your friends to like it!

“Wildcard” Giveaway:
This is NOT just a popularity contest!
1. Capture a “Do What You Love” pic
2. Upload to our FB page or IG
3. Tag @stealthsociety #DoWhatYouLove
4. We choose the Wildcard our favourite.

// Giveaway Starts THURSDAY, JANUARY, 19th @ 12:00am PST / 3am EST
// Ends THURSDAY, JANUARY, 26th @ 12:00am PST / 3am EST

*ALL PICTURES MUST FOLLOW THE “Do What You Love” Criteria above.*


Check out how the previous Do What You Love Photos turned out! Look below…

Instagram Giveaway 2011

December 2011

We had a Giveaway go down in December! Thanks to everybody who gets down with what we do. We do what we love & we ask you to do the same.

It was an exclusive giveaway going on one of our favorite apps, Instagram which gives you a quick look into the world of someone else. We’ve been using it to showcase some of our favorite pics while finding amazing pictures and exposing ourselves to an interested audience. Those that were interested got on it quick and got some swag. All they had to do was get a picture of them doing something they love, upload it to IG then tag @stealthsociety #dowhatyoulove. We kept it easy, short simple and Stealthy.

Stealth Society Event Stealth Society Event

With the advancement of technology there are too many social network sites to choose from, Instagram enables people to find something they like, snag a picture and share it. Everyone involved with our recent giveaway received their package. Then under their own creative will, got pics and spread the word.

Stealth Society Event Stealth Society Event Stealth Society Event

Here’s what went down, how it went & what we got after it was done.

Stealth Society Event

Remember ALWAYS to DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Stay locked for upcoming events, new releases and GIVEAWAYS!

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  4. 10hitswhiteonwhite. I’m on a never ending trip. Even when I’m home (Denton) I am still out and about. The things I’ve seen on your site I have already thought of summer of 05. A t-shirt to me is nothing but a flag for someones Galaxy. Looks like you have some future goods. They call me Life around here. Still pics in 2 colors (many shades) is what Life loves to do. I know the TV, Radio, and Written Kittens are giving me plenty of influnce. But I’m still hear on earth. I got family members who want me to quit, but Life don’t quit. Its infinite. My FAM is who I go HAM for. Its not 5% anymore. Its more like 70/30. Fuck Money, souls need to wake up. I am doing my part. If my God does not exist, I have already made it true. They called him Zesus.

    • tkoness says:

      Sickk bro!! You sound like you’re on some next level shit as are we!! Glad to hear from like minded individuals.

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