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A False Sense of Choice.

Join the Democratic election and choose your SIDE! If neither of the two front-runners fit to represent you in government, there are two other options at a voters disposal. Vote third Party?? After all there are plenty of other party’s … Continue reading

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Fake Legitimacy

Whatever the situation there’s always a fake out there. Whether it’s a buddy tall tailing or a politician doing his “job”. The fake world surrounds us all, stalking our every move and present at every turn. Commercials try selling garbage, … Continue reading

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An0maly and Acid Dreams

With his HIGH-ly anticipated Acid Dreams EP dropped April 19th, we decided to catch up with the independent artist. Never one to be pigeonholed to a specific style, An0maly kills it with refreshing flows that percolate your ears and make … Continue reading

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Whistler Snow/Skate/Streets Giveaway

We are going to be up at the Whistler Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival for 4.20 so we decided it would be cool to do a mini scavenger hunt for weird suits we hide around the village area and mountain … Continue reading

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This Vid is EXTREME!

Just some Sick footie to get ya pumped for TWSS festival.

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Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival for 4.20!!

The Telus World Ski and Snowboard festival has already begun but we will be heading up there for the ceremonious 4.20! What are your plans for this awesome day? If you haven’t made plans yet, you might as well head … Continue reading

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Last Day @ Seymour

Yesterday was the last day of shredding up at Mount Seymour. With heaps of snow and such a fun little park setup, it’s too bad they have to close so early. Good news is that they will be getting a … Continue reading

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Killer Weed…

Is this Dude Crazy?? He Brings up some interesting points. What do you think about it??

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Homage to Steve Jobs

A longtime trailblazer for new technologies left this world with so many opportunities. Growth for social connections and artistic expression have evolved exponentially from his creations. Steve Jobs, notably launched Pixar on its upward climb, helped build the Apple brand … Continue reading

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