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A False Sense of Choice.

Join the Democratic election and choose your SIDE! If neither of the two front-runners fit to represent you in government, there are two other options at a voters disposal. Vote third Party?? After all there are plenty of other party’s … Continue reading

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Drop Knowledge Contest

For everyone who seeks knowledge, it’s about time to get back to School. Autumn’s almost here and with it comes a whole set of New opportunities. The opportunity to meet new faces, try new things & rock fresh new threads! … Continue reading

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Fake Legitimacy

Whatever the situation there’s always a fake out there. Whether it’s a buddy tall tailing or a politician doing his “job”. The fake world surrounds us all, stalking our every move and present at every turn. Commercials try selling garbage, … Continue reading

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Find the Suit

We set up a Scavenger Hunt on our local shred spot. Head up to the mountain and check it out! Head up to Mount Seymour to find the Stealth Society Suit. Continue reading

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Superbowl of Snowboarding

With hype and advertising matching any other sporting event, the Redbull Supernatural created by Travis Rice was a much anticipated event for an array of shred heads. The stage was set for snowboarding as a sport to move in new … Continue reading

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Follow Suit

With businesses taking so much from the people. There still are small businesses giving back. We feel it is nice to give back to our fans who keep up with all our grassroots givaways! During the winter months sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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Homage to Steve Jobs

A longtime trailblazer for new technologies left this world with so many opportunities. Growth for social connections and artistic expression have evolved exponentially from his creations. Steve Jobs, notably launched Pixar on its upward climb, helped build the Apple brand … Continue reading

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Is this what #instagram is all about? The instant gratification that somebody likes your photo or someone wants to follow you? There’s a smaller element of comments, that brings the social network together. With people liking your photos it doesn’t … Continue reading

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2012 Set Up

We’ve been very busy as is everyone when the holidays come around. Thank you to everyone who has supported our brand & all the events we’ve been apart of. This past year has been good to us and we are … Continue reading

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Stealth Society Launch Party Celebration

Pure determination has made this dream a reality! Our official launch party was on October 15th which was more than 2 weeks ago but with all the chaos that has ensued it’s taken a while to get our blog up … Continue reading

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