DeLorean Black ▼illian ∆nonymous believe the HYPE

If you constantly find  yourself scouring the inter web searching for talented individuals with limitless creativity amongst the abundance of boring crap out there, then look no further cuz these cats are legit as fvck. Hailing outta Toronto Canada, DeLorean Black and Aux Mega amalgamate to form Villian Anonymous. With a unique style all their own, they’ve found a way to encompass all facets of life or “Villian Life” into what they do and express it in a way that can only be defined as ▼illian ∆nonymous.

Mad Style, Unlimited capabilities and most importantly dope tunes. These guys are the reason we seek to exist. That is, To create fresh unique shit with meaningful symbolism and substance while encouraging and promoting others who do what they love and share the same love and passion for what they do.

With the recent release of his new single “A Mid Summer Nights Dream” DeLorean Black lays down a chillin track to mellow out to while enjoying in all the fun that comes along with all the summer festivities.

Check it out here:

So what’s next for ▼illian ∆nonymous?? Well Currently they’re working on a project called ‘Future Vintage’ and have a follow up to “A Mid Summer’s Night” called “Nosey Girls” which was leaked early. You can peep it below. Stay up and def be on the look out for all that new shit that is upcoming from ▼∆.

Also Check out Aux Mega’s song ‘Dapper’ produced by Higher Society and The Smash Bro’s here:

Follow Them on Twitter for all other updates ▼∆

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