Drop Knowledge Contest

For everyone who seeks knowledge, it’s about time to get back to School. Autumn’s almost here and with it comes a whole set of New opportunities. The opportunity to meet new faces, try new things & rock fresh new threads!

We’re always trying to expand what we know by taking everything in while always keeping an open mind to new ideas and opinions. We thrive on imparting knowledge onto others who seek it. We’d like everyone to pass on their interesting, useful, important knowledge so that all may become enlightened and equal on their quest for a Higher Education.

As summer winds down, Stealth Society wants you to be in the know…thus we droppin our Drop Knowledge campaign! Anyone with the power of information should spread it. Free speech, free information & free markets, is there actually anything that’s really FREE nowadays?

Well, With us FREE is FREE! We’re giving you and anyone you know a bunch of ways to WIN!!! Our ∆Drop Knowledge, Not Bombs∆ T-Shirt’s are up for grabs, Green & White.

∆∆∆ Ways to WIN!!! ∆∆∆

1. TAG YOURSELF to our #DropKnowledge Posters on FB, IG or Twitter

2. TAG your FRIENDS to our #DropKnowledge Posters on FB, IG or Twitter

3. SHARE our #DropKnowledge Posters on your own networks

4. Drop some knowledge of your own in the comments section of any of our #DropKnowledge Posters on ANY of our Social Networks, FB, IG or Twitter

Each time you do ANY of the above you will be entered to win one of our #DropKnowledge tees. Unlimited entries. Get in the Draw for September 30th, Draw goes the day after. Share the knowledge, enlighten everyone!

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