Stealth Society City Canvases

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

We are Stealth Society. We like to do new and creative things. So we came up with this doozy of an idea to litter our original art canvases around the city and create a gallery out of our beautiful community. We created 8 mixed media pieces that we will be selectively scattering in attainable but some effort involved areas all around the city.

Street art is everywhere and more prevalent and popular than ever. The beauty of it is that it’s out there for everyone to enjoy and its limited life span only makes it even more special and unique. For these purposes, we decided to do these strange and weird canvases to share and evoke thought among the people who gaze upon them. The point being is to provide street art pieces in the form of these canvases  that can be taken by a fan of the art and like all other street art productions will have a short and limited life span. Eventually, we’re hoping that they’ll be swiped by someone who is stoked on the piece and wants it for their personal collection and then our art canvases will have found a new home!

For those who may not be lucky enough to stumble across one in person, check out these pictures of the pieces that will be dispersed out into the world……..Well actually just around the lower mainland but you get the point. All will be canvases of various sizes, except the last piece which is a metal framed mixed media poster collage of an old-school Chad Muska shot. Enjoy frends.

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

∆ Observe and enjoy from a distance or attempt to retrieve one for yourself! ∆

There maybe a little secret hidden surprise for those who do end up “stealing” a city canvas. First and foremost we are a streetwear clothing company but a creative entity nonetheless. So any chance we have to introduce our brand and apparel to someone new, we wanna get them stoked on what we do!

The Canvasses will be hung around our city this Friday August 17 2012 dependent upon the weather but it’s def looking like a go!

Let theee Treasure Hunt begin!!!

∆∆∆We hope that this may inspire other local artists/brands to do the same and join us in our city canvas campaign. If you wanna be apart of it or even do your own, let Us know and e-mail us and we’ll post and promote it any way we can! Also Hashtag #StealthSociety #CityCanvases so that we all can see what has been put up around our awesome city. ∆∆∆

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

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