WMNSTUDIES – Soothing feelgood Single “Electric Waves”

Our friends and sponsored artists originally from VanCity and now calling T.Dot home, have always had our full support and respect! WMNSTUDIES have just released their FIRST VIDEO for their new single Electric Waves. Here she is:

The immensely talented and eccentric, electronic duo comprised of Zach Smith and Nathan Samson Aka SaveMeBoots, combine to form a symbiotic musical marriage. Heavily influenced by a lifestyle of not giving a fuck, experimenting experiences, live events and endless nights, these gypsies have been on a long endless musical journey and have worked hard to bring listeners the eclectic sounds that you hear in their tunes. The pair are set to ignite a fire in the ears of many. They burn the midnight oil pursuing their passions and make nights extend into days. From Raccoon Tapes to Electric Waves, our peeps will always entertain!

Cause there’s never a dull moment with this dynamic combo , you definitely don’t wanna miss the wave…Check ’em Out & believe the HYPE!




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