Fake Legitimacy

Whatever the situation there’s always a fake out there. Whether it’s a buddy tall tailing or a politician doing his “job”. The fake world surrounds us all, stalking our every move and present at every turn.

Commercials try selling garbage, and everything in TV ads should be taken with a grain of salt, look around dissect the fake. The pharmaceutical industry thrives on selling quick fixes and get Doctors to prescribe their medicine. Societies addiction to beauty products have been destroying the natural biodiversity of the world, by wiping out forests in place of plantations. Along with countless aide campaigns lobbying to give to third worlds, all while our weak become weaker. All our truths come with an underlying lie…a side effect. The butterfly effect of cause and reaction. We are the remnants of an effect long before creation. An event that plagues philosophy with a question “why are we here?”

We Are here to Support one another, everyone that shares this world. Gods, deities & idols all point to One Love, do onto others as you would want done to yourself. Mantras from spiritual leaders and books written in the past all preach love. Our nature of mainstream reality TV shows and horrorifically violent media of fear mongers have significantly rifted us from past teachings of this world. We’d like to follow a path of truthful dialogue devoid of most documentaries and news outlets built to invoke fear, helplessness and despair.

The truth lies in researching where you are putting your energy. When you are boob-tubing it or just half assin’ it you’re attracting the negative. Getting that positive vibe comes easy when there’s no push, when you do what you love. The ‘SUITS’ have put limits on pleasures we can experience from sex, drugs and rock & roll to politics, THEY are in control. Unless we do what we want and enjoy the little finer things in life.

Be truly free and don’t believe the shit. Question everything. Look for yourselves and look through the lies, be the truth and be you.

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