An0maly and Acid Dreams

With his HIGH-ly anticipated Acid Dreams EP dropped April 19th, we decided to catch up with the independent artist. Never one to be pigeonholed to a specific style, An0maly kills it with refreshing flows that percolate your ears and make your brain bleed.

We decided to ask him 4 questions, cuz the dude’s busy on the grind, only fitting on this the fourth month that sees the release of his new album and just a day before many pay homage to 4-2-0.

We Asked An0maly these Questions:

What was your inspiration(s) behind creating Acid Dreams?

An0maly: Mostly just stuff going on in my life at the time. Also I wanted to give anybody struggling something to listen to that let them know they are not alone, and that things get better.

Man!!! that song “Money” is SERIOUSLY money, So real, it’s that real shit that gives us and hopefully others faith in music. You know, like deeper than just all that frat rap crap or all that bling bling bull shit. It’s not just a bunch of fuckin dudes talking about how much money they spend. We’ll keep our rant at that and transition it into our next question, which is, what made you decide not take a record deal, say from a big label and stay independent and self-sufficient?

An0maly: I think I can make money without “selling out”, so whenever somebody tries to change me or comes at me with something I’m not feeling, I can’t do it. It might take longer but I have faith that things will work out my way.

In the past you’ve used an eclectic mix of tunes for your songs from the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk, Black Eyed Peas, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi, Diplo and Nujabes to name a few. What makes you want to use a track to spit to?

An0maly: I came up freestyling, and I would always let the listener choose the beat this way they knew I really didn’t have anything planned. I like all types of music, and now I can’t listen to anything without thinking “oh shit this could be a dope rap beat” lol (i didn’t really laugh out loud i just thought it looked right if i put that there)

Haha, So What’s next for An0maly? touring dates? Projects? What did you do for 4/20?

An0maly: I’m already thinking about the next project (possibly an Acid Dreams 2) and I definitely have plans on touring in the next few months, I’m just taking everything day by day. As for 4/20 I think i ate a brownie, i can’t remember.

Sounds like a good time. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Much respect and congrats on creating a truely timeless album.

Carpe Diem” just another one of many great songs on the new Acid Dreams EP. As An0maly says seize the day! “Do What you Love” is our motto but either way go pursue your passion and good things will happen.


Here’s his latest Video Cold AF

For his Bio you can check out his website here.

Links to his:


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