Whistler Snow/Skate/Streets Giveaway

We are going to be up at the Whistler Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival for 4.20 so we decided it would be cool to do a mini scavenger hunt for weird suits we hide around the village area and mountain and redeem for our apparel.

Simple as Fuck. All you gotta do is find one of our Stealth Suits, rip off the plastic baggy that is attached to the front of it which will have a voucher for a free product. Go to our Online Store to see what you would like to claim (based on availability). That easy.

Oh and if you’re not feelin our Shit, well then hook up someone else who does. We don’t wanna hook up someone who is not genuinely stoked on our apparel!

Hint: There will be 1 Suit hidden in all 3 areas: SNOW/SKATE/STREET: 1 on Blackcomb mtn, 1 at the Skatepark, 1 around the Village.

Check Us out here too: ∆ Facebook PageIGTwitter

The Vouchers that will be Attached to the Suits

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