Superbowl of Snowboarding

Stealth Society Redbull Supernatural

Stealth Society Redbull Supernatural

With hype and advertising matching any other sporting event, the Redbull Supernatural created by Travis Rice was a much anticipated event for an array of shred heads. The stage was set for snowboarding as a sport to move in new directions. A One Mile run, over 80 man made features and countless natural hits on a 45 degree pitch. A respected selection of World Class riders ascended to Nelson BC’s Baldface Lodge. The Superbowl of Snowboarding for the adrenaline junkie was born.

The brain child behind it all just happens to be one the best Snowboarders on the Planet, if not the best Freestyle Snowboarder not on the constant contest circuit. One of the most outspoken about how snowboarding is viewed by the man. The FIS has longstandingly held the sport down by draining public interest. But T Rice stands against them by thinking outside of the box. Breaking barriers, driving the progression of snowboarding to new levels. Exposing riders to the big mountain set up with creativity of the course determining the leaders rather than shaving seconds off a race or adding an extra spin to a trick. True growth started with pioneers like Jake Burton and John Sims riding make-shift boards to concure freestyle riding. Standing sideways and going against the grain, Doing What You Love & Want as the goal.

Travis Rice is fully dedicated to what he’s invisioned in his mind. Visualizing what he wants, then going for it. Because of his vision, Snowboarding grows as a religion not a sport. Like meditiation he gives others inspiration to be fully in the moment and visualize what you want in life. As it is he’s used his influence to inspire a new breed of soul shredders. Boundless of borders this culture of snowboarders should have a fire put under their asses to reject FIS, Olympic Snowboard Control and get out in the backcountry and in nature, safely and Do What You Love and pursue your passions!

We all don’t have the budget of a RedBull sponsored athlete but we all have the ability to think for ourselves and get what we want.

Besides NBC dragging the event out, cutting runs and filling minds with flashy Ads. The companies that came together to make this happen deserve some credit too. Redbull for obvious reasons, look for the signature series to release many more pro inspired custom events. Shazam and Contour for joining up and giving viewers one of the most unique experiences in television history. All the riders. Everyone at Baldface and the maintainence crews and Of course Travis Rice and his Brain Farm filming crew for capturing the most progressive event in snowboarding history.

Some links to cool videos and info below…


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