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Stealth Society

With businesses taking so much from the people. There still are small businesses giving back. We feel it is nice to give back to our fans who keep up with all our grassroots givaways!

During the winter months sometimes it’s hard to feel up beat all the time. When SADS kicks in, it’s time to kick back! If you live near a ski hill or resort you should never be grumpy. Just head on up into a magical world amongst snowscaped mountains and natures wonderous atmosphere. There’s a multitude of fun shit to do; hike, shred pow, pizza and french fri on 2 planks or just get out and breathe in the fresh alpine air. Drink winter in and embrace er!

It’s time to spring forward and start new beginnings. But it’s dumping winter in our world still. Discover our Stealth alpine scavenger hunt NOW! Head on up to Mount Seymour…ski, board, snow shoe or just trek up in street shoes… we don’t care. Find our suit he’ll give you the code you need. Any other answers are just too much.

Our suit on the slopes gives the FIRST curious tech savvy individual the choice of any TEE SHIRT from our collection (pending availability). Better luck next time to all the other laggards.

Stealth Society Stealth Society

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