Homage to Steve Jobs

A longtime trailblazer for new technologies left this world with so many opportunities. Growth for social connections and artistic expression have evolved exponentially from his creations. Steve Jobs, notably launched Pixar on its upward climb, helped build the Apple brand from the ground, while redefining music with i-tunes & the lifestyle product, the i-pod. Anyone who has owned an i-pad or i-phone has experienced the endless possibilities capable with these devices. What we’re left with from his legacy is endless connectivity in a digital realm. The lasting impression from reaching each other so easily, is the ability to create social network meet-ups. Whether you see them as positive or negative, these devices humanity are left with have given everyone who holds one creative power. Something we all try to hold in our life, the power to create! The choice to do what we want, how we want to and for that We Thank you, Mr. Jobs.

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1 Response to Homage to Steve Jobs

  1. Brian says:

    One of the few executives who defined their companies culture.

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