Is this what #instagram is all about? The instant gratification that somebody likes your photo or someone wants to follow you? There’s a smaller element of comments, that brings the social network together. With people liking your photos it doesn’t always mean they like it! Users could quickly double click to like and move on, in hopes you will follow them back. If somebody follows you they may be just following to up their number or are looking for a follow back. Cause that’s what it’s all about…right, getting the numbers up and creating a false sense that people are watching from your viewfinder.

We all want to show others our point of view, problem is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different strokes for different folks. There is a legitimate way to see if people are intrigued with whats on your feed. When people leave you a comment, they’ve stopped, took a second and thought they’d let u know what they think! Even if the comment is HATE you’ve sparked a thought or emotion inside someone’s brain. That’s the essence of this app. You are able to see what other people see and feel, then receive instant gratification from it. This concept can highlight the talents of a photographer at any caliber. Unfortunately, vanity, envy and the need to be popular have overrun the basis of instagram! Posting cool pics & filtering them for a wider audience than your friends is what we see this app for. There have been too many new users that spam others to follow them. Other problems have plagued this image sharing concept, such as the countless vanity pics of people’s faces, abs, tits or ass. Or the endless shots of the same cat laying around doing nothing. Eventually that’s what the net will be, Porn, Vanity & Pet pictures.

The talents of skilled photographers are being hindered by the demise of print products. Plus the accessibility of quality equipment for the hobby photographers. Even more challenging is the amount of new avenues people now have to showcase & sell pictures. Getty images has helped some get paid for generic pics. It has also emphasized the importance of watermarking your clips because of the amount of stolen images and people plagiarizing work has skyrocketed. Our concern for theft of our images is low but for a pro photographer it’s their livelihood. There is a lack of respect among people in this wireless world we live in. Especially for the creators of artistic outputs. The visual producers like tv & movie have to compete against streaming & file sharing as file sharing has redeveloped the way we now purchase media. Songs, videos and books are slowly becoming intangible products that float in the digital media realm.

So how do we overcome the artistic theft and dilution that’s overcome us? As humans we need to be rectified and acknowledged for our work. But this is toxic, users are addicted to the fact that they can get instant recognition. It’s a drug like feeling and does release dopamine into the brain. This need to be gratified is to a point that some feeds house only shoutouts and screenshots of who liked their feed. How can thousands follow feeds that have nothing or like a photo that has no sustenance? I guess we all have to follow something…

Unsettled with religion we choose to honor the spirit in everyone! For inspiration we look to the ones who’ve trailblazed trends before us. For the ones we follow, we did because you do what you love or we like what u do!
So follow us if you dig what we do, not because somebody told u to, or because u have hopes of a follow back. A number can mean so many things and it shouldn’t be a popularity contest! Show us some integrity, some reality, show u actually #like us and #dowhatyoulove ! ✌

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