2012 Set Up

We’ve been very busy as is everyone when the holidays come around. Thank you to everyone who has supported our brand & all the events we’ve been apart of. This past year has been good to us and we are continuously improving and we wanna continue to inspire and be inspired because 2012 is gonna be our year as we have just begun and positive vibes are everywhere.

Stealth Society Stealth Society Event

The Deadly D joined the Stealth Society Collective fam and have continued to support our vision and rock the shit outta our gear. We had a heavy presence in their premiere music video, “Ventilation“. As well, our friend electro/dance DJ SaveMeBoots has been tearing up the scene everywhere, no slowing the Raccoon tailed Gypsy. We’ve been influenced immensely by the snow, skate & surf cultures and this year was huge for Travis Rice, Nyjah Houston & Kelly Slater. Not so good for some of our other inspirations and influences Jonas Baquava, Steve Jobs & Jake Burton, our hearts go out to their families and loved ones. We popped off the cap of 2011 with a last min Pop-Up Shop idea & also had a few year ender benders. We love spreading good vibes and letting the people who support us, know we appreciate them. Hence why people have been getting hooked up with free swag giveaways. From handouts and draws at events to our contests on FaceBookInstagram and Twitter for a select few fans. We do what we love and encourage others to do the same!

Stealth Society Deadly D

While designing fresh threads we are always thinking of new ideas to inspire others. Stay locked to our networks for upcoming events, releases and especially giveaways…

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