Welcome to the Family Deadly D

It’s Official!! We are proud to add the Deadly D to the Stealth Society family. These dudes are so sick and we are stoked to be able to support them. They always spit real shit so when you’re tired of all the BS out there it’s super refreshing to listen to music that has heart and soul, blood sweat and tears poured into it. If you’ve checked out our flash website, then you’ve definitely heard their music and know what’s up. You can check them out here too.

They have a music video titled “Ventilation” droppin 11/19/11 , pushed back from it’s November 12th release date, that’s just how these cats operate. They’d rather have a project done right than rush it just to meet a release date. It goes hand and hand with what we believe in, which is that things are not to be rushed, take your time to master your craft so that when you have the final product it’s something that you can be truly proud of.

Now as a part of the Stealth Society family, we will work together to do everything in our power to help each other out with anything and grow and innovate as a collective. We are an idea and a movement so if you feel us come along for the ride cuz who knows just where we’ll end up.

If you haven’t already, Check them out on:




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