Stealth Society Launch Delay

Our Society runs on a timeline. Not only do you have to be on time for work. But it builds hype for the next election, tv show or new product. There is always someone telling you a release date. Building a timeline.

However there are many timelines that never get met. People forget important milestones. Dates get forgotten, people get out of touch with others and accidents happen, all to meet a deadline. This world needs to slow down.
We’ve strived at being different and causing a stir. Whether we don’t show the faces of the people wearing our clothes in our pics. Or that we make unique, one of a kind pieces of clothing or because the fact we use symbology to express our views.

Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans. People pass away, bills have to get paid or there’s another celebratory night to be had.  This society rests on communication and the miscommunication like tech we’ve dealt with man and machine! Our premature launch didn’t post because of  pure miscommunication to match the deadlines of our society. “As we make plans, life happens.” ~John Lennon

So you’ve seen what we’re made of and what First Release pieces, we hold in our hand. The deck is dealt with you on the end. Will it come up by the luck of the draw, that when we do deal our brand that you’ll be lucky enough to have one in your hand?

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1 Response to Stealth Society Launch Delay

  1. Kenzo08 says:

    Product looks sick. Designs pop right out at you from what I see, can’t wait to get my hands on some gear. Keep it up!

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