A False Sense of Choice.

Join the Democratic election and choose your SIDE! If neither of the two front-runners fit to represent you in government, there are two other options at a voters disposal. Vote third Party?? After all there are plenty of other party’s who have held office in other developed nations. ie. Socialist in France, Greens in Australia or the Separatists in Quebec. Or you could sit back and have others choose your fate?? In the words of the late, great George Carlin:

“I don’t vote. Two reasons. First of all it’s meaningless; this country was bought and sold a long time ago. The shit they shovel around every 4 years *pfff* doesn’t mean a fucking thing. Secondly, I believe if you vote, you have no right to complain. People like to twist that around – they say, ‘If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain’, but where’s the logic in that? If you vote and you elect dishonest, incompetent people into office who screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You caused the problem; you voted them in; you have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote, who in fact did not even leave the house on election day, am in no way responsible for what these people have done and have every right to complain about the mess you created that I had nothing to do with.”

America the Greatest Country in the World…???

As the nation reflects on the past four years, some have gained a stronger admiration for the Head of State while many understand the system, and have grown tired of the illusion of a false choice. Obama? Romney? Is there any difference? Are we actually given options? For those who hold the real power (ex. the Federal Reserve) are their influences really at stake? These are just a few of the questions one must reflect on and assess to determine if we are truly living in a democratic society. After all if every fed up citizen got out to the poles just to “throw their vote away” and vote third-party the two horses in the running would fail to finish the race. Wouldn’t they??

Obamney the Illusion of Choice

Techniques such as the expensive Robo-call scandal in the 2011 Canadian Election where the Tories allegedly used campaign money to make illegitimate Election Canada calls to inform registered voters their ballot location had changed.

Regardless of the results of the Election, citizens need to demand the changes from our leaders (politicians and corporations) necessary to hand this world over to the next generation in tact. If everyone cared half as much as they do about politics and how tax dollars are spent as they do about Sports and Reality TV shows, there would undoubtedly be more political activism. But that’s the kicker, the masses are so mislead by media and are constantly bombarded by propaganda at every turn that many have been lead astray, zombified, disengaged and too distracted to care.

Quick change the channel there’s a presidential election on T.v. Oh wait here’s more campaign rhetoric plaguing every second leading up to this momentous event!

Mitt vs. Barack

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DeLorean Black ▼illian ∆nonymous believe the HYPE

If you constantly find  yourself scouring the inter web searching for talented individuals with limitless creativity amongst the abundance of boring crap out there, then look no further cuz these cats are legit as fvck. Hailing outta Toronto Canada, DeLorean Black and Aux Mega amalgamate to form Villian Anonymous. With a unique style all their own, they’ve found a way to encompass all facets of life or “Villian Life” into what they do and express it in a way that can only be defined as ▼illian ∆nonymous.

Mad Style, Unlimited capabilities and most importantly dope tunes. These guys are the reason we seek to exist. That is, To create fresh unique shit with meaningful symbolism and substance while encouraging and promoting others who do what they love and share the same love and passion for what they do.

With the recent release of his new single “A Mid Summer Nights Dream” DeLorean Black lays down a chillin track to mellow out to while enjoying in all the fun that comes along with all the summer festivities.

Check it out here:

So what’s next for ▼illian ∆nonymous?? Well Currently they’re working on a project called ‘Future Vintage’ and have a follow up to “A Mid Summer’s Night” called “Nosey Girls” which was leaked early. You can peep it below. Stay up and def be on the look out for all that new shit that is upcoming from ▼∆.

Also Check out Aux Mega’s song ‘Dapper’ produced by Higher Society and The Smash Bro’s here:

Follow Them on Twitter for all other updates ▼∆

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Drop Knowledge Contest

For everyone who seeks knowledge, it’s about time to get back to School. Autumn’s almost here and with it comes a whole set of New opportunities. The opportunity to meet new faces, try new things & rock fresh new threads!

We’re always trying to expand what we know by taking everything in while always keeping an open mind to new ideas and opinions. We thrive on imparting knowledge onto others who seek it. We’d like everyone to pass on their interesting, useful, important knowledge so that all may become enlightened and equal on their quest for a Higher Education.

As summer winds down, Stealth Society wants you to be in the know…thus we droppin our Drop Knowledge campaign! Anyone with the power of information should spread it. Free speech, free information & free markets, is there actually anything that’s really FREE nowadays?

Well, With us FREE is FREE! We’re giving you and anyone you know a bunch of ways to WIN!!! Our ∆Drop Knowledge, Not Bombs∆ T-Shirt’s are up for grabs, Green & White.

∆∆∆ Ways to WIN!!! ∆∆∆

1. TAG YOURSELF to our #DropKnowledge Posters on FB, IG or Twitter

2. TAG your FRIENDS to our #DropKnowledge Posters on FB, IG or Twitter

3. SHARE our #DropKnowledge Posters on your own networks

4. Drop some knowledge of your own in the comments section of any of our #DropKnowledge Posters on ANY of our Social Networks, FB, IG or Twitter

Each time you do ANY of the above you will be entered to win one of our #DropKnowledge tees. Unlimited entries. Get in the Draw for September 30th, Draw goes the day after. Share the knowledge, enlighten everyone!

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Stealth Society City Canvases

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

We are Stealth Society. We like to do new and creative things. So we came up with this doozy of an idea to litter our original art canvases around the city and create a gallery out of our beautiful community. We created 8 mixed media pieces that we will be selectively scattering in attainable but some effort involved areas all around the city.

Street art is everywhere and more prevalent and popular than ever. The beauty of it is that it’s out there for everyone to enjoy and its limited life span only makes it even more special and unique. For these purposes, we decided to do these strange and weird canvases to share and evoke thought among the people who gaze upon them. The point being is to provide street art pieces in the form of these canvases  that can be taken by a fan of the art and like all other street art productions will have a short and limited life span. Eventually, we’re hoping that they’ll be swiped by someone who is stoked on the piece and wants it for their personal collection and then our art canvases will have found a new home!

For those who may not be lucky enough to stumble across one in person, check out these pictures of the pieces that will be dispersed out into the world……..Well actually just around the lower mainland but you get the point. All will be canvases of various sizes, except the last piece which is a metal framed mixed media poster collage of an old-school Chad Muska shot. Enjoy frends.

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

∆ Observe and enjoy from a distance or attempt to retrieve one for yourself! ∆

There maybe a little secret hidden surprise for those who do end up “stealing” a city canvas. First and foremost we are a streetwear clothing company but a creative entity nonetheless. So any chance we have to introduce our brand and apparel to someone new, we wanna get them stoked on what we do!

The Canvasses will be hung around our city this Friday August 17 2012 dependent upon the weather but it’s def looking like a go!

Let theee Treasure Hunt begin!!!

∆∆∆We hope that this may inspire other local artists/brands to do the same and join us in our city canvas campaign. If you wanna be apart of it or even do your own, let Us know and e-mail us and we’ll post and promote it any way we can! Also Hashtag #StealthSociety #CityCanvases so that we all can see what has been put up around our awesome city. ∆∆∆

Stealth Society City Canvases Pic

Check Us Elesewhere Here:


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WMNSTUDIES – Soothing feelgood Single “Electric Waves”

Our friends and sponsored artists originally from VanCity and now calling T.Dot home, have always had our full support and respect! WMNSTUDIES have just released their FIRST VIDEO for their new single Electric Waves. Here she is:

The immensely talented and eccentric, electronic duo comprised of Zach Smith and Nathan Samson Aka SaveMeBoots, combine to form a symbiotic musical marriage. Heavily influenced by a lifestyle of not giving a fuck, experimenting experiences, live events and endless nights, these gypsies have been on a long endless musical journey and have worked hard to bring listeners the eclectic sounds that you hear in their tunes. The pair are set to ignite a fire in the ears of many. They burn the midnight oil pursuing their passions and make nights extend into days. From Raccoon Tapes to Electric Waves, our peeps will always entertain!

Cause there’s never a dull moment with this dynamic combo , you definitely don’t wanna miss the wave…Check ’em Out & believe the HYPE!




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Fake Legitimacy

Whatever the situation there’s always a fake out there. Whether it’s a buddy tall tailing or a politician doing his “job”. The fake world surrounds us all, stalking our every move and present at every turn.

Commercials try selling garbage, and everything in TV ads should be taken with a grain of salt, look around dissect the fake. The pharmaceutical industry thrives on selling quick fixes and get Doctors to prescribe their medicine. Societies addiction to beauty products have been destroying the natural biodiversity of the world, by wiping out forests in place of plantations. Along with countless aide campaigns lobbying to give to third worlds, all while our weak become weaker. All our truths come with an underlying lie…a side effect. The butterfly effect of cause and reaction. We are the remnants of an effect long before creation. An event that plagues philosophy with a question “why are we here?”

We Are here to Support one another, everyone that shares this world. Gods, deities & idols all point to One Love, do onto others as you would want done to yourself. Mantras from spiritual leaders and books written in the past all preach love. Our nature of mainstream reality TV shows and horrorifically violent media of fear mongers have significantly rifted us from past teachings of this world. We’d like to follow a path of truthful dialogue devoid of most documentaries and news outlets built to invoke fear, helplessness and despair.

The truth lies in researching where you are putting your energy. When you are boob-tubing it or just half assin’ it you’re attracting the negative. Getting that positive vibe comes easy when there’s no push, when you do what you love. The ‘SUITS’ have put limits on pleasures we can experience from sex, drugs and rock & roll to politics, THEY are in control. Unless we do what we want and enjoy the little finer things in life.

Be truly free and don’t believe the shit. Question everything. Look for yourselves and look through the lies, be the truth and be you.

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An0maly and Acid Dreams

With his HIGH-ly anticipated Acid Dreams EP dropped April 19th, we decided to catch up with the independent artist. Never one to be pigeonholed to a specific style, An0maly kills it with refreshing flows that percolate your ears and make your brain bleed.

We decided to ask him 4 questions, cuz the dude’s busy on the grind, only fitting on this the fourth month that sees the release of his new album and just a day before many pay homage to 4-2-0.

We Asked An0maly these Questions:

What was your inspiration(s) behind creating Acid Dreams?

An0maly: Mostly just stuff going on in my life at the time. Also I wanted to give anybody struggling something to listen to that let them know they are not alone, and that things get better.

Man!!! that song “Money” is SERIOUSLY money, So real, it’s that real shit that gives us and hopefully others faith in music. You know, like deeper than just all that frat rap crap or all that bling bling bull shit. It’s not just a bunch of fuckin dudes talking about how much money they spend. We’ll keep our rant at that and transition it into our next question, which is, what made you decide not take a record deal, say from a big label and stay independent and self-sufficient?

An0maly: I think I can make money without “selling out”, so whenever somebody tries to change me or comes at me with something I’m not feeling, I can’t do it. It might take longer but I have faith that things will work out my way.

In the past you’ve used an eclectic mix of tunes for your songs from the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk, Black Eyed Peas, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi, Diplo and Nujabes to name a few. What makes you want to use a track to spit to?

An0maly: I came up freestyling, and I would always let the listener choose the beat this way they knew I really didn’t have anything planned. I like all types of music, and now I can’t listen to anything without thinking “oh shit this could be a dope rap beat” lol (i didn’t really laugh out loud i just thought it looked right if i put that there)

Haha, So What’s next for An0maly? touring dates? Projects? What did you do for 4/20?

An0maly: I’m already thinking about the next project (possibly an Acid Dreams 2) and I definitely have plans on touring in the next few months, I’m just taking everything day by day. As for 4/20 I think i ate a brownie, i can’t remember.

Sounds like a good time. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Much respect and congrats on creating a truely timeless album.

Carpe Diem” just another one of many great songs on the new Acid Dreams EP. As An0maly says seize the day! “Do What you Love” is our motto but either way go pursue your passion and good things will happen.


Here’s his latest Video Cold AF

For his Bio you can check out his website here.

Links to his:


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Check this footie from our Homies over @ One Love Skate Shop.

The legendary, Dan Pageau is Rockin one of our ∆Drop Knowledge∆ Tees in it!

SUPER PUMPED ON THIS!!!!! Get Yours Here or drop by One Love in Poco B.C to snag some ∆ Stealth Society ∆ gear before it’s gone.

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Whistler Snow/Skate/Streets Giveaway

We are going to be up at the Whistler Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival for 4.20 so we decided it would be cool to do a mini scavenger hunt for weird suits we hide around the village area and mountain and redeem for our apparel.

Simple as Fuck. All you gotta do is find one of our Stealth Suits, rip off the plastic baggy that is attached to the front of it which will have a voucher for a free product. Go to our Online Store to see what you would like to claim (based on availability). That easy.

Oh and if you’re not feelin our Shit, well then hook up someone else who does. We don’t wanna hook up someone who is not genuinely stoked on our apparel!

Hint: There will be 1 Suit hidden in all 3 areas: SNOW/SKATE/STREET: 1 on Blackcomb mtn, 1 at the Skatepark, 1 around the Village.

Check Us out here too: ∆ Facebook PageIGTwitter

The Vouchers that will be Attached to the Suits

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This Vid is EXTREME!

Just some Sick footie to get ya pumped for TWSS festival.

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